Clive Lewis is running for Labour leader, and this is his campaign’s official website.

This will be a people-powered campaign. We want to hear from you about your priorities and ideas. Give us your details, and we’ll be in touch.

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Clive Lewis MP statement on close of Labour nominations

Clive Lewis MP has issued a statement withdrawing from the Labour leadership election so that MPs who have supported him can recast their nominations.

You can still read Clive's manifesto here.

“Labour can and must offer hope: not the falsehood that it will do everything for us, but the real promise that it can help us help each other.” Clive Lewis

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Five from Clive: my pledges

We are modern socialists who believe in democracy, equality and freedom for all. These are our priorities:

1 Real democracy in our country.

2 Real democracy in our party.

3 A Green New Deal to tackle the climate emergency.

4 A modern economic framework that lifts all in our society.

5 Championing diversity and progressive values.

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