What we need to do

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We are modern socialists who believe in democracy, equality and freedom for all. These are our priorities.

1 Real democracy in our country – Our political system is broken and our democratic institutions are not fit for purpose. We need to introduce proportional representation, reform the House of Lords and not just pay lip service to devolution, but actively engage with the needs of people in Scotland and Wales

2 Real democracy in our party – We need to change our party’s internal culture, putting aside our tribal differences. We must strive to lead a decentralised social movement, distributing resources and autonomy to our regions, whilst also building alliances outside of the Labour party on key issues

3 A Green New Deal to tackle the climate emergency –We must regenerate our country whilst tackling the biggest crisis of our time. We will do this by becoming world leaders in emerging Green technology, creating new manufacturing jobs, investing in regional infrastructure and introducing local participatory democracy initiatives.

4 A modern economic framework that lifts all in our society – Our plan for economic renewal is based on our understanding of the failings of 40 years of neoliberalism for large parts of our country. But the challenges of the future cannot be met by a rerun of policies from the past. We must use twenty-first century technologies to give everyone more control over their working lives, and over the profits that they produce. We will prioritise investment in essential public services such as schools and hospitals, promote decent work and affordable housing for all, bolster the trade union movement, and support the growth of small and medium-sized businesses whilst tackling the excessive power of tax-dodging corporations and monopolies.

5 Championing diversity and progressive values – We will promote a vision of our country that is inclusive and tolerant, that celebrates our diversity and knows we are better for it. We will champion the benefits of internationalism, put forward the economic and cultural case for migration, and build solidarity between all our diverse communities through greater social and economic equality.